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 * ion/ioncore/resize.h
 * Copyright (c) Tuomo Valkonen 1999-2006. 
 * Ion is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
 * the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by
 * the Free Software Foundation; either version 2.1 of the License, or
 * (at your option) any later version.


#include "common.h"
#include "frame.h"
#include "infowin.h"
#include "rectangle.h"

/* To make it easier for region_managed_rqgeom handlers, the geom
 * parameter contain a complete requested geometry for the region that
 * wants its geometry changed. The REGION_WEAK_* flags are used to
 * indicate that the respective geometry value has not been changed or
 * that the requestor doesn't really care what the result is. In any case,
 * managers are free to give the managed object whatever geometry it wishes.
#define REGION_RQGEOM_WEAK_X    0x0001
#define REGION_RQGEOM_WEAK_Y    0x0002
#define REGION_RQGEOM_WEAK_W    0x0004
#define REGION_RQGEOM_WEAK_H    0x0008
#define REGION_RQGEOM_WEAK_ALL  0x000f
#define REGION_RQGEOM_TRYONLY   0x0010



typedef void WDrawRubberbandFn(WRootWin *rw, const WRectangle *geom);

    Obj obj;
    XSizeHints hints;
    int dx1, dx2, dy1, dy2;
    WRectangle origgeom;
    WRectangle geom;
    WRegion *reg;
    WDrawRubberbandFn *rubfn;
    int parent_rx, parent_ry;
    enum {MOVERES_SIZE, MOVERES_POS} mode;
    bool resize_cumulative;
    bool snap_enabled;
    WRectangle snapgeom;
    int rqflags;
    WInfoWin *infowin;

extern WMoveresMode *region_begin_resize(WRegion *reg, 
                                         WDrawRubberbandFn *rubfn,
                                         bool cumulative);

extern WMoveresMode *region_begin_move(WRegion *reg,
                                       WDrawRubberbandFn *rubfn,
                                       bool cumulative);

/* dx1/dx2/dy1/dy2: left/right/top/bottom difference to previous values. 
 * left/top negative, bottom/right positive increases size.
extern void moveresmode_delta_resize(WMoveresMode *mode, 
                                     int dx1, int dx2, int dy1, int dy2,
                                     WRectangle *rret);
extern void moveresmode_delta_move(WMoveresMode *mode, 
                                   int dx, int dy, WRectangle *rret);
extern bool moveresmode_do_end(WMoveresMode *mode, bool apply);
extern WRegion *moveresmode_target(WMoveresMode *mode);

extern WMoveresMode *moveres_mode(WRegion *reg);

/* Note: even if REGION_RQGEOM_(X|Y|W|H) are not all specified, the
 * geom parameter should contain a proper geometry!
DYNFUN void region_managed_rqgeom(WRegion *reg, WRegion *sub, int flags, 
                                  const WRectangle *geom,
                                  WRectangle *geomret);

extern void region_rqgeom(WRegion *reg, int flags, 
                          const WRectangle *geom,
                          WRectangle *geomret);

/* Implementation for regions that do not allow subregions to resize
 * themselves; default is to give the size the region wants.
extern void region_managed_rqgeom_unallow(WRegion *reg, WRegion *sub,
                                          int flags, 
                                          const WRectangle *geom,
                                          WRectangle *geomret);
/* default */
extern void region_managed_rqgeom_allow(WRegion *reg, WRegion *sub,
                                        int flags, 
                                        const WRectangle *geom, 
                                        WRectangle *geomret);

/* This function expects a root-relative geometry and the client expects
 * the gravity size hint be taken into account.
DYNFUN void region_rqgeom_clientwin(WRegion *reg, WClientWin *cwin,
                                    int flags, const WRectangle *geom);

DYNFUN void region_size_hints(WRegion *reg, XSizeHints *hints_ret);
DYNFUN int region_orientation(WRegion *reg);

extern uint region_min_h(WRegion *reg);
extern uint region_min_w(WRegion *reg);

extern void frame_maximize_vert(WFrame *frame);
extern void frame_maximize_horiz(WFrame *frame);

extern void region_convert_root_geom(WRegion *reg, WRectangle *geom);


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